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For our look-book, the inspiration came from the reality of Quarantine. When it was initially announced, we all thought it would be temporary or for a short period of time. Introverts rejoiced. But with each passing month, the timelines kept getting extended. This period of isolation, made us appreciate the good in our lives. Be it the company of our favourite books, shows, or select people.

With a focus on being functional yet comfortable, Selfish was able to make that transition to living room essentials quite easily. It wasn’t something we could foresee, but sure are glad we built our products the way we did.

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    It has become increasingly evident that our surroundings influence our mindset. Start ing afresh, goes a long way. Simple things like tidying up your space or reading a book can do wonders. Do things that help you stay calm and at peace. Even if that means binging on your favourite series.

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    Quality time alone, without distractions, is a blessing. Just because you are an introvert doesn’t mean that you prefer being alone all the time. Taking care of your mental health is critical. Build and maintain your social support system, be it with family or loved ones.