Introversion, truly is underrated.

Who We Are

Selfish is a community of Introverts, or what we like to identify as - thinkers. People that use solitude as a catalyst. We believe in genuine relationships, rather than a handful of acquaintances. We don't have the energy or time for small talk. While being quiet is often looked at as being weak, we acknowledge it as a strength.


Selfish pushes the boundaries of home-grown designs and aesthetics, both on and offline, with an array of exclusive products and fabrics. We also make clothes and accessories that fit in with our vibe.


We currently have 15 people working from 2 different countries to produce and maintain The website is created entirely in-house, with the Mumbai based Stylabs office for elements like graphic design, IT, customer service, and marketing departments. The stylists and production team operate from the Selfish office in the fashion capital of India – Mumbai.


All orders are fulfilled and shipped globally from the Selfish headquarters in boxes that are made with the finest/sturdiest materials. This ensures your orders get to you, in the safest and best conditions. Everything from our packaging paper to our ribbons are designed in-house.